Van Loans For Bad Credit Customers

The workforce of the UK has its needs too and with the numbers of consumers who are termed to be Bad Credit risks falling into the millions its no surprise that we get asked for Van Loans also. Many of the van customers are also Self Employed and so have the extra hurdle with many mainstream lenders and that’s before we get to couriers! If you are in the market for a new or used van and can prove your income then its still likely that we can offer a solution to you. All we need are two months bank statements or payslips – Passport and drivers licence and away we go.

The choices of Van deals can also include some short term 12 month contracts on nearly new vehicles including Full Maintenance to give you an all inclusive price per month.

Apply Now Online

Its as simple as filling out a 2 minute application form and we will usually be able to get you an instant Car Loan decision. We will utilise our panel of over Non Prime UK funders for Car Loans, Finance and Leasing and so you can assured of the very best rate for your Credit Profile.

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